My name is Paul. I have many years of experience in designing software applications, deciding which software architecture/technology works best (in order to solve different problems) and in developing software in many languages (C, C++, Python, Javascript, PHP, etc.). I write software using Linux based developing environments (vim, eclipse, etc...).

So far, I have created the well known audio open source softwares: ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer, Paulstretch audio processor, etc, invented several DSP algorithms and a part of my work appeared in several newspapers, well known websites and television programs. For more details you can navigate this site using the left sidebar.

I am available for remote freelance work (as an individual/part of a team).

    nascapaul AT yahoo DOT com
    nascapaul AT gmail DOT com

Linkedin address: http://ro.linkedin.com/in/paulnasca