Commercial and private software projects

Commercial projects

Here is a short summary of the sofware I wrote/designed for companies and clients I worked with:
  • designed and developed embedded GPS car navigation with video/audio recording and playback written in C++ based on SDL under Linux
  • wrote a TCP/HTTP tunneling plugin under Windows/Linux
  • developed acoustic noise cancelling module for e-conferencing software
  • designed and developed Dreamweaver extensions for CVS/SVN under Windows and MacOSX (written in Javascript with C++)
  • designed and developed an multi-platform interior designer application and animated slideshow creator in C++
  • developed web software written in PHP/Javascript/HTML
  • developed web software written in C#/.Net
  • developed virtual multilanguage (English, Chinese) Javascript SVG keyboard for Ericsson Set-top boxes 
  • developed a small game for iPhone in Objective C
  • developed application for Windows Mobile which managed products by scanned EAN barcodes and taking pictures of receipts
  • administrated Linux servers (wrote automation scripts, debugged software written by others and did data recovery)
  • data recovery
  • many other projects

Private projects

Here is a list of software I designed and developed for personal use and which was not (yet) released:
  • Cropper for a large number of WAV audio files written in Python
  • Cutter for a large number of scanned pictures written in Python (with wxWidgets)
  • Speaker recognition for large amount of audio and multiple speakers