My name is Paul and live in London, UK. I am currently working at Owlstone Medical (Cambridge).

I have many years of experience in designing software applications, deciding which software architecture/technology works best (in order to solve different problems) and in developing software in many languages (C, C++, C#, Python, Javascript, PHP, etc.). I write software mostly using Linux based developing environments (vim, eclipse, etc...).

So far, I have created the well known audio open source softwares: ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer, Paulstretch audio processor, etc, invented several DSP algorithms and a part of my work appeared in several newspapers, well known websites and television programs. My software was used in making the soundtrack of several movies, like Dredd 3D, Ex Machina and it was widely used in the music industry.

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Please contact me for discussion regarding my availability and regarding other details at:

    nascapaul AT gmail DOT com (primary email address)


    nascapaul AT yahoo DOT com

Linkedin address: http://ro.linkedin.com/in/paulnasca