Older software projects

This page contains the information about several older software projects I did while I was in the high-school.

Sound Designer

This is one of my first sample synthesizers. It produces the sound by modulating the harmonics with different modulation frequencies. The user could set the maximum number of harmonics, the amplitude of each harmonic, the modulation parameter of the harmonics and other parameters. It was written in Borland Pascal in 1997 and it won "mentiune" at the National Communication Session in IT held in Vaslui, 1997.


Paul's Sound Designer

This sample synthesizer was a more complex than Sound Designer. It produced the audio sample by mixing up to 32 oscillators. Each oscillator has own base waveform, harmonics/phases of the base waveform, vibratto, envelope, filters. The oscillators could be modulated in frequency by other oscillators and the modulation amplitude was controlled by envelopes. This hybrid method of synthesis was re-implemented from scratch in ZynAddSubFX as the ADsynth module.

This program was written in 1998 in Borland Pascal.



This program synthesize the sample by generating a white noise and filtering the harmonics using bandpass filters. This method of synthesis was re-implemented in ZynAddSubFX as the SUBsynth module. It was written around year 1999.


AstroCalc was an astronomic calculator for moon phases and sun and moon rise/set times.



It is a painting program in which the user could draw different shapes with different colors and textures.